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would require a large investment in equipment that would not be used every day thus increasing my overhead substantially . Keeping my overhead low is the way I am able to keep my prices low. I only mark up the hardware I provide a very small amount to cover my shipping etc. I do not intend to be a retailer. I prefer to make my money on my labor and not products.

If the occasion arises where I am asked to do a project that I am not set up to do, or feel comfortable doing, I would be happy to refer you to other local companies that you can trust that may be better equipped to serve you. Which leads to another very important point about myself and my business. I don’t want the people of Marin County to be ripped off. I have heard far too many stories of locksmiths promising extremely low charges over the phone only to charge some ridiculous amount upon completion of service, usually shoddy service, and then having had second thoughts, the customer is unable to contact the company again. This is why I am very up front about my company. I use my real name, and post my real picture on my website. My phone rings right in my pocket and you will always talk to me directly when you call.

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The type of locksmith service I provide is what would be best described as general Locksmithing. The type of work residences and businesses require most frequently. I do not do any automotive (with the exception of lockouts), no hard wired electronic access systems, re hanging of doors, drilling of safes, camera systems etc. Providing these services

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After spending quite a few years in the food service industry I got my locksmith license in 1994 and graduated from Foley Belsaw School of Locksmithing the next year. In 1999 I got my first job as a full time locksmith with a good local company and worked there until 2005 when I took a job with another longtime local company. So, having many years of servicing the Locksmithing needs of the people and businesses of Marin County, I now hope to continue my commitment of great service with my own company, Chris Richards Locksmithing.

I consider myself a lifetime Marin County resident. Although I was born in Oakland and lived briefly in San Francisco as an infant, I have been in Marin since the age of 3. I attended Mary E. Silvera and Lucas Valley elementary schools as well as Miller Creek Junior High and Terra Linda High school. I graduated with the class of 1982.

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